Traditional Sash Window Styles

Windows are known as the eyes of a house for a reason; they play a crucial role in defining the style and character of a property. Sliding sash windows are one of the most recognisable traditional window styles. Becoming fashionable in the late 17th century, “sash” windows (derived from the French word “chassis”, meaning “frame”) endured as the most popular type of window for over 250 years. Sash windows evolved over time, with variations in style across different historic periods.

Nowadays, sash windows provide the perfect way to bring a touch of period elegance to your home – whether you’re looking for a Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian sash window style. And if you want the classic aesthetics without the maintenance, uPVC replica windows are the perfect choice.

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Traditional Georgian uPVC Sash Windows Georgian Sliding Sash Windows

Georgian Windows

Georgian sash windows feature a ‘6 panes over 6 panes’ design, traditionally using astragal bars to hold together smaller squares of glass. Today this is used for decoration only.

Traditional Victorian uPVC Sash Windows Victorian Sliding Sash Windows

Victorian Windows

Remarkably distinctive thanks to the addition of run-through sash horns, windows present during the Victorian era favoured a two panel grid design on both the top and bottom panes.

Traditional Edwardian uPVC Sash Windows Edwardian Sliding Sash Windows

Edwardian Windows

Boasting a ‘6 panes over 2 panes’ design that helps deliver the best of both worlds, Edwardian windows are ideal for properties dating from the early 20th century.

Georgian Style Sash Window styles

Astragal bar designs

When it comes to traditional windows, the easiest way to tell which historic period the window belongs is by the astragal bar design. "Astragal" bars are the glazing bars that held together the small panes of glass, but are now purely decorative. Nowadays it's possible to design sash windows using these grid patterns with designs such as 'offset', 'borders' and 'top grid' to achieve a truly bespoke window. With so many designs to choose from, it's easy to find the right design to suit any style or period of building.

Traditional uPVC Sash Windows

Traditional window features

Sash windows were originally made using timber frames which could be decorated and assembled using joinery techniques. Tell-tale signs of a heritage sash window style include run-through sash horns, traditional corner joins and thick bottom rails. Other details include bevelled putty lines and period ironmongery. It's possible to order a window to fit exact historical specifications - even in modern uPVC.

Bespoke uPVC Sash Window styles

Ornate window designs

Victorians especially had a flair for design and enjoyed creating elaborate windows, with arches or bespoke shapes to add character to a building. We can see this in some of the stately homes and orangeries built during the period, with impressive glazed sections used to show off their wealth. Today, these decorative windows are easy to replicate - down to the last detail.

Arched Sash Window Styles London

Bespoke windows

Although having their roots firmly set in tradition and authenticity, there’s no harm in tailoring a sash window designed entirely from the ground up to evoke the charm found in the past but with a notable custom twist. Configurable astragal bars and distinct colour tones makes it easy to create a bespoke sash window style outside of conventional Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian designs resulting in a window that is truly unique to your home and personal taste.

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